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DENMOU KOUBOU TAKUMI means conputer-network , studio , artisan .

Our target is upgrade of human's capability. We provide the service complex for content ,community and communication .

DENMOU KOUBOU TAKUMI started since 1998. is infomations and link-collections of our English-language sites .


Other Updates

IRC Server for artist. It mainly used Japanese Language.
Keywords List(English)
It is keywords based links of our sites and web service .( Keywords List is All Language contents )

English sites

RPG Portal from Japan
Infomation and FAQ of tabletop RPG in Japan.
TRPG.NET Wiki for English
It's tabletop RPG infomation , Wiki edition.
KATARIBE(Chat RPG & creation works) homepage English Version
tabletop RPG and community.
KATARIBE English Wiki
KATARIBE infomation , Wiki edition.
cats pictures
Cat's photos homepage.
sf's Cats Movies
Cat's movies
Cats Wiki
Cat infomation.
sf's Cats-Diary Wiki
Cat's photos by FURUTANI Shun-ichi.
SEO Newsclip -EN
RSS aggregater of SEO news sites.


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